Anne Hathaway’s Answer to the “Trump administration” Interview

James Corden is out, Anne Hathaway is in. But the biggest hypocrite is us. I hate it when I watch an interview on a talk show where the host is the interviewer and the guest is a guest. It is hard to get the host to admit that it was a mistake to let them do that. (I’ve done the same, but without admitting it, and it didn’t usually work for me.) But Anne Hathaway is the only guest who thinks to criticize the Trump administration and we should criticize her a bit more too. She made some comments about white people that, if she didn’t mean them, she should own up to.

Anne Hathaway was on CNN tonight discussing what she thought “white privilege” meant. The interviewer, Victor Blackwell, said that Hathaway was the only member of the Trump administration to be asked a question about white privilege. The first problem with this is that the White House is often the victim of the “Trump administration” interview. The second is that Hathaway didn’t say that she was the only Trump administration person asked about white privilege. For that matter, Trump aides and Cabinet members have been asked about white privilege. So that makes white privilege part of the “Trump administration”.

Anne Hathaway’s answer included the following.

“I don’t think he respects us. I think that we’re afraid that he will get rid of us, and it’s not true. He’s very respectful. But he doesn’t respect us because we’re different than what he thinks white people are.” That’s a lot of, um, white people for a person who grew up in Park Slope, Brooklyn. I grew up in Park Slope, and I’m not white. And I don’t think I will ever be white. So I think he’s going to get rid of us. And he’s not going to get rid of us,

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